/Some help in working out who to trust when it comes to Arsenal rumours

Some help in working out who to trust when it comes to Arsenal rumours

We all know that the vast majority of transfer rumours are inaccurate, in fact, I would guess around about 95% and upwards are simply bull, however, there are some ways that you can cut down on the rubbish being spouted by sticking to some well-regarded sources.

Our job at JustArsenal is to give you Arsenal news, opinion, analysis etc and we do try to turn most transfer gossip into opinion pieces because we know most of it is made up trash, but the problem is that we cannot ignore it either because we could easily find ourselves in a position that we ignored a particular piece of gossip because it came from The Sun or Daily Star and it ended up being true, because that does happen occasionally.

So what we intend to do, as we did with the rumour about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is turn it into a debate, yes we covered the rumour but made the focus of the article about what circumstances would we consider selling Aubameyang to United, basically using the gossip as a talking point.

Working through transfer gossip is an art form I assure you, it is not easy and in my opinion impossible but there are some sources that I personally use that I have found do help, they are not always right but in my opinion, more credible than a journeyman reporter at the Daily Mail.

Click on their names to be taken to their Twitter accounts if you so desire.

David Ornstein

Ornstein is probably one of the most credible Arsenal journalists out there, not always accurate but more so than most.

Charles Watts

I find Charlie Watts to be close to Ornstein in credibility and he does get some good Arsenal related scoops.

Simon Stone

General all-around journalist but I like him and again, find him more trustful than most.

John Cross

Probably the only tabloid journo I consider, he does peddle some rubbish but he does seem to get some inside info now and then.

Henry Winter

Mainly about England but I cannot say he has ever lied outright and regarded as one of the best journalists out there, though it is rare he comments on Arsenal transfer gossip until after it is common knowledge.

Sam Wallace

In the same bracket as Winter but I would say he does a bit more on gossip and again I find him fairly trustworthy.

Sid Lowe

He has his ear to the ground in Spain and tends to know more about Arsenal players being linked with clubs in Spain than most English based reporters.

Gianluca Di Marzio

He is the Italian guy I look to when it is anything Arsenal and Serie A related

Rafael Honigstein

And finally, if it is Germany and the Bundesliga then it is Honigstein I look for confirmation.

So, that is a list of some of the reporters I follow on Twitter when looking for anything related to Arsenal in their various areas of expertise.

I have not listed them in order of preference but for the record, I like Charles Watts the best with John Cross the least but as sources for general confirmation these are the people I tend to go to for clarification and so forth.

I am not in any way claiming these guys are to be trusted 100% but I am saying that compared to a lot of the bull being spouted that I have found this crop of Journalists to be the most reliable.

And before you give me examples of where they got it well wrong, I know they occasionally do but overhaul they do help me filter through the daily rubbish we are all subjected to.